Brand Questionnaire 

Welcome to the Brand Questionnaire! This is a foundational step in the design process. The following questions will serve as guides throughout the project, both for you and for me. Some of these questions will be super easy to answer and others may take some time. A few things to note: answer whatever questions you can, nothing is set in stone, and all responses are up for conversation! A saved copy of this form will be sent to you after I review it. Good luck and thank you!

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There are many details that effect an overall project fee, and this questionnaire is the first step in helping me find a budget that is best for you!
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Business Details
An example of a slogan/tagline would be akin to Nike's "Just Do It" tagline.
Knowing what you don't want is equally as valuable as knowing what you do want!
These can be within the industry or outside of it.
Quality vs. service vs. price
What services make you stand out amongst your competitors?
Brand Attributes
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What words describe your brand's aesthetic?
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Looking Forward
Feel free to add any additional information/considerations I should be aware of.